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Working to create unique and fun color palettes has been my goal for years. I LOVE to create unique color combinations and here is how I make it happen.

As a little girl I loved bright colors. For my 5th birthday I got a bright orange wind breaker. It was fly. Since then I have absolutely loved the color orange. I started creating bright color combinations with all different bright colors and wild combinations that match my likes.  When working with beads and creating jewelry, color palettes are very important. In the beginning of my never ending quest for jewelry perfection, I tried to create something fun and unique,  but not always something that appeals to everyone.  While simple color palettes are pleasing to the eye and have a place almost anywhere in the world, I strive to go beyond the basics; go for the extraordinary.

I've been able to use a plethora sources, especially Pinterest, to find my inspiration by keeping up with the latest major designers color trends through each season. By going over popular clothing colors and styles I put together color combinations that go beautifully with top colors in clothes so your new favorite bracelet goes with your new favorite dress. Styling your outfit begins and ends with color, from shirt to shoes and accessories color is everything. Creating something that is perfect for one person isn't always good for everyone else, go with different color combinations to find your niche.

Picking colors around you is another one of my favorite inspirations. On a bright spring day you find gorgeous new grass green, white and pink blossoms in trees, and pretty yellow daffodils. My next project blooms in front of my eyes...

Playing with new, interesting color combinations is my very favorite thing about designing jewelry. Find one or a few colors and build a color family to go along with them. I always pair bright colors with at least one neutral and create a neutral background for brights to rest on. Coming up with a balance of colors is key to unifying your design. 

Let me know how you create your perfect color combinations and check out my color inspiration Pinterest board  <>


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